Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just another Saturday

Today was a nice, relaxing day at home. Today I didn't even have to work out. I take the weekends off to let my muscles "recover". It's weird because I had the urge to do sit-ups or something. I saw Max on Skype webcam this morning and then again this evening. Scarlett was happy to see her Daddy. I can't wait till Kailyn is old enough to watch Max on the webcam. I got a 5x7 of her and Max taped on her wall by her crib so she can see it. I want her to remember her Daddy when he gets home.
The exercising is getting a LOT easier but it's becoming really enjoyable and a way to relieve stress. It also gives me a way to be on a schedule. I never thought I would ENJOY working out. I can't wait for my shoes to get here. The e-mail confirmation said that they were shipped out today. So, hopefully sometime this week.
It's been really nice being able to talk to Max online and see him on the webcam. His computer isn't working the best so the quality isn't that great with the web cam on his end. But, Scarlett gets to see her Daddy so that is what's the most important. I can post videos and pics of the girls for Max on days when he can't see them. And I don't care for him seeing me till I lose this weight. And even then, maybe I want to surprise him with my new body. :-)
Tomorrow Ashley, Bethany, me and all the kids are going to a Pot Luck that Ruby, the FRO, is putting on. Should be fun. I love when Scarlett gets time to meet new kids and get out of the house. Hopefully she behaves and doesn't make me leave early. Tomorrow morning I have to clean the house. I don't have any Pine Sol to clean the floor so I am going to have to use Clorox Bleach cleaner in the bucket of water to clean the floor. Ugh.
So glad we've made it through the 1st week of the deployment. Weeks should start flying by till about the last few weeks before homecoming. That is when the time starts going slow again.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's a breeze

Working out has been getting better with each passing day. After we went for the 3 mile walk on the PFT track on Monday, then on Tuesday I stayed home and walked around the housing area 2 times, 20 minutes each. Then did my 100 sit-ups and 40 squats. Yesterday we did the PFT track again. It went really good because we went at about 7:30 so it was dark half way through the walk. So nice! I have already lost a pound this week. At least 16 more pounds to go in 6 months. That should be easy enough. I hope I can do it.
Life has been pretty boring otherwise. Scarlett has been behaving like a little lady. I am surprised how well behaved she is being. Not that she is a bad kid but she can be a little sassy at times. Kailyn was good yesterday. Last night however, she didn't sleep very well. Went down at like 9pm, work at midnight, then at like 2:30am and then again at like 6am but I just put her in her swing in the frontroom and passed out on the couch. She slept in till almost 8am. Gave her a bath tonight so hopefully she will sleep well.
My Mom was so nice! She bought me some running shoes from tonight. They were only $15.99 on sale. All the other colors of that style are original priced but I think the color scheme I got is outta style or something. I think they are cute. They are powder blue, gray and white. They got really good reviews too. Hope they will be here by Monday or Tuesday next week. My other ones hurt my feet. I have a blister on my heel that busts open and bleeds through my sock when I walk. So, I took my two walks today in flip flops which isn't really a good idea. But, it keeps anything from rubbing on my blister.
I still haven't gotten a message back from my Dad. I wrote him like 2 weeks ago. I dunno if he is ever going to write me back. He probably didn't like what I had to say. But I was only being honest. And it felt really good to say what I needed to say. I love my Dad so I hope he writes me back.
Max should be getting internet in his room this weekend so I am hoping we can get on Skype and have a webcam "date" with him, the girls, and me. Scarlett misses her Daddy a lot. She tells me like 3 times a day that she misses him. I miss him too but I am def not whinning about it. I am really annoyed with the wives complaing about this deployment. Especially the ones that have kids. If you have kids, you HAVE to stay positive and upbeat for them. Can't be sad and stuff or else the kid(s) will be sad too.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweatin' to the oldies

The past two days have been just another day. Yesterday I FINALLY got around to cleaning the house. It wasn't that dirty but my OCD was telling me to get my butt into gear. After I cleaned the house, I was able to get a 2 hour nap in while the girls slept also. Kailyn's teething diaper "disasters" have pretty much gotten back to normal. She should be fully back to normal by tomorrow. Good because I was kinda freaked out. I was hoping she wasn't getting the flu or something. Anywho, the rest of the day yesterday I just spent with the kids. I haven't heard from Max since yesterday morning at like 12am. I miss talking to him but I know he is super busy. Love my baby! Hung around the house earlier today and then after dinner I went to Ashley's house to take a walk with her, Bethany, and the kids. We walked the 3 mile long PFT track. It was still over 100 degrees when we went, the wind was a little harsh and the sun was still up. Add all that, plus pushing a 31 pound kid, 12 pound baby, and carseat all in a double stroller. Yea, lots to push. This morning I did 50 sit-ups and 10 squats (it's gonna take me awhile to work my way up to more of those in one day) and then I just did another 35 sit-ups. I am going to do 100 sit-ups a day, squats as much in a day as I can, and then for now I am gonna do that 3 mile walk every other day till I can eventually do it every day. Or at least walk around here on the days I can't go to base. Next paycheck I am going to start a low-carb diet also. I would love to get to be 125 by the time Max gets home. I hope I can do it in 6 months. I can't work out too much because I can't take the kids to base so walking and sit-ups is gonna have to work for now. I wanna be sexy for my husband. He deserves to have a sexy wife. I want him to be proud to "show me off" to people like he was when we were 1st married. And I was 120 pounds. :-)
Anyway, that is pretty much it. I just took some Tylenol so my muscles don't freak out tomorrow morning and I am able to get out of bed. Hope Max comes online soon. If not, I understand. I am so sick of hearing people online complain about their husband being on this deployment. Gotta learn to stand alone before you can stand with someone else......

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just a quiet Saturday

Didn't do much today. Just hung out at home with the girls. Kailyn is teething (not popping teeth through the gums yet though) so she's been drooling soooo much and leaving Mommy some nasty 7 times a day! Thank God she isn't running a fever and she's not as crabby as teething babies usually are. She has been nawing on my fingers which starts to really hurt after awhile. Yesterday she also discovered she can now roll from her belly to her back. Now if I can just get her to go from back to belly...which I think is gonna happen soon. We were able to all lay down and take a nap. I think I only slept for about an hour but that was a great hour. Right when I woke up, Kailyn was hungry. After I fed her, I went to check the computer to see if Max was on. Well, go figure, he messaged me 10 minutes before I got on the computer. By the time I had gotten to the computer, he already was gone. Well, I know he made if safely so that is all that matters. I am hoping to hear from him as much as possible. There is a huge time difference so when it's daytime there, it is the middle of the night here. That should be interesting when he calls or we talk online. Either he is going to be waking me up from my beauty sleep or he is going to be staying up all night. And since Kailyn is starting to sleep almost through the night now, I shouldn't be so tired. Not that I care. Sleep is a lot less important during deployment. Tomorrow I need to clean the house. I should have done that Friday but I was just not in the mood. Gonna clean tomorrow morning. No more being lazy.
Yesterday we made a good attempt to watch the newest Shrek movie at the theater on base. I went with Ashley, McKenzie, Gunnar, and Bethany. Scarlett and Kailyn did really well. I was surprised. I think I will take them to the movies again soon. Scarlett said she had a great time and wants to go again. Too bad the Shrek movie sucked. The other Shrek movies were WAY better.
This week is gonna be a great week for TV shows. Degrassi is having Degrassi: The Boiling Point 6 week best episodes ever. That starts on Monday. Also on Monday is new R.J Berger. That show is awesome. Tuesday Teen Mom Season 2 starts. Super excited for that. I haven't watched last weekend's Army Wives and I don't think I am watching tomorrow's episode either. Just gonna DVR them and watch them next weekend. I always cry anyway so right now, I am sure I will ball my eyes out. And I don't want to do any crying. I managed to not cry since saying goodbye to Max the other day. Scarlett says we have to be happy, so, we are gonna be happy. :-)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's start the countdown

This week has been a tough week. Monday our car decided to scare us and make us think it was broke. Turns out it was just the battery. Phew! Then later that morning, I realized our cat was missing. Sadly, we still have not found her. She must have gotten out sometime Sunday evening. I miss her dearly! Then today, Max left. Scarlett said we can't be sad, so, we are not going to be sad. I teared up a little bit but nothing like last time. Tonight Scarlett is gonna cuddle in bed with me. I just don't want to sleep alone.
The girls otherwise are doing great. Scarlett has discovered her love for dancing so she's been dancing every chance she gets. Kailyn found out today that she has feet. So, she's been playing with her feet and smiling. Those kids are amazing.
Well, nothing else really. Some family pictures we had taken before Max left.....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's about that time...

Well, we have come to the last few weeks before deployment. I keep telling myself that everything is going to be alright. Max is going to come back, go to school for a few months and then we're going to PCS to hopefully somewhere on the East Coast. I am ready to leave CA. I wanna be somewhat closer to family. It tears me apart inside to know that Scarlett and Kailyn aren't getting the chance to grow up with our wonderful families. Plus, I miss my parents, brother, grandparents and close friends back home.
Since my last post a few things happened around here. Max's Mom came out for a visit. She was here June 22nd till the 26th. It's was a really nice visit. Scarlett had a blast showing her Grandma her room, her toys, how she can dance, how she can count, how she knows her colors, how she....well, she showed her Grandma a lot of things. :-) We went to Palm Springs to go shopping one of the days that she was here. She bought the girls some adorable outfits. I can't wait for the girls to be about to wear their clothes. Then the last day she was here, we went to Sea World. If anyone has the opportunity to see the Cirque de la Mer at the Sea World in San Diego, DO IT! It was amazing! We saw the Blue Horizons Dolphin Show which was amazing as well. It was in the high 60's when were where there so it was a nice and VERY dramatic change from what we're use to here. I felt so bad when we took Max's Mom to the airport and she had to say goodbye to Scarlett. Scarlett was crying so much. She just kept crying, " Grandma!" That lasted for about 5 minutes, which was in turn almost making me cry. :*( Other then that little visit, nothing much has been going on around here. Max's pre-deployment leave ended today. He should be home soon. All he had to do was check in. Tomorrow we have a Family Fun Day thing to attend for the whole battalion. I'm hoping we win something in the raffle. Scarlett should have a great time. Maybe she'll have so much fun that she'll be exhausted and sleep in on Saturday. Yeah, right! A mother can only hope.
Both girls are doing really great. Scarlett is learning so many new things that Max and I just can't believe it. Kailyn is finally sleeping in her crib. No more bassinet. I thought it was going to be a hard transition for me to put her in her crib but it wasn't. She's still in our room but out of our sight. She's already 3 months old! Scarlett will be 3 years old in September. WOW! I enjoy every moment of every day with them. They make their Momma and Daddy so proud.......

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wonderful Sunday

Today Max is going to be cleaning out the garage (once he turns off his darn xbox) :-) I'm gonna sit outside with Scarlett, while she rides her bike and enjoys some outside time.
Yesterday was a good time. We went down to Palm Springs/Palm Desert to do a little bit of shopping. Of course we HAD to go to Best Buy. Max can't go down there without visiting his favorite store. Oddly enough, I was the one that got the big purchases. Got a new Nikon CoolPix S4000, a new camera case for my Canon EOS Digital Rebel, and a funky tri-pod thing that bends and can wrap around anything. That way I can take nice pictures of all of us. Not just of the two girls, even though pictures of them are always awesome. After we went to Best Buy, we headed over to the mall. Max had to stop over by Barns & Nobels to pick up some military books. While he was shopping, Kailyn decided she needed to eat NOW. So, I had to go find a bench to sit down and feed her. Of course all the ones close to the store were taken, so I had to walk a few minutes down the mall and sit. I knew that was a bad idea because Max wasn't going to be able to find us once he was done. I was right! I was just about to get the girls back in the stroller, when I saw Max. He didn't see us though. He walked in the other direction. He walks fast! By the time I had the girls in the stroller, he was gone. I walked all the way to the other end of the mall, stood there for a little bit and then decided to walk back to the book store. And to my surprise, there was Max, sitting outside the book store. Phew! And of course, his phone was in the stroller so we had no way of communication. That was fun...not! After the mall, we decided to end our day with a nice dinner at The Olive Garden. I had a tasty grilled chicken salad and a pina colada (with rum!), Max had some potato soup, breadsticks, a chicken crepe thing and some lemonade alcoholic drink. Of course, Scarlett had mac n cheese. As she says, " My favorite mac n cheese!" :-) I wish we could have weekends like that all the time.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just beginning....

Today is day 1 of this blog. Thought I would set up one since Max is deploying soon. We won't be able to communicate as often so on days when he can just check his e-mail and such, he can also check the blog to see what's going on with us.
Less then a month till my dear husband leaves. We're going to miss him like crazy. But, it's a new adventure for him so I hope he enjoys every minute while he's there. Scarlett is going to be 3 years and 4 months when he gets back and Kailyn will be almost 10 months. Hopefully this will be the last deployment for a few years. He's hoping to go Counter Intel. It's going to be a lot of hard work an dedication on his part and mine. He's going to be gone a lot so I am going to have to be Mom and Dad for awhile. Not that I haven't already had to do that. It's been that way for almost 3 years now.
While he's away, I am going to focus on getting things ready around the house for his return. I want to pack up a lot of things we don't use. That way, when he gets back, the moving process will go a lot easier. Cross your finger that we get to go to Virgina. We have some great friends there and it's close to home. Plus, no more 115 degree summer days. I am ready to see snow. Listen to summer thunder storms. Feel warm rain on my skin. Living here is the desert has been an...experience but I am ready to move on....