Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wonderful Sunday

Today Max is going to be cleaning out the garage (once he turns off his darn xbox) :-) I'm gonna sit outside with Scarlett, while she rides her bike and enjoys some outside time.
Yesterday was a good time. We went down to Palm Springs/Palm Desert to do a little bit of shopping. Of course we HAD to go to Best Buy. Max can't go down there without visiting his favorite store. Oddly enough, I was the one that got the big purchases. Got a new Nikon CoolPix S4000, a new camera case for my Canon EOS Digital Rebel, and a funky tri-pod thing that bends and can wrap around anything. That way I can take nice pictures of all of us. Not just of the two girls, even though pictures of them are always awesome. After we went to Best Buy, we headed over to the mall. Max had to stop over by Barns & Nobels to pick up some military books. While he was shopping, Kailyn decided she needed to eat NOW. So, I had to go find a bench to sit down and feed her. Of course all the ones close to the store were taken, so I had to walk a few minutes down the mall and sit. I knew that was a bad idea because Max wasn't going to be able to find us once he was done. I was right! I was just about to get the girls back in the stroller, when I saw Max. He didn't see us though. He walked in the other direction. He walks fast! By the time I had the girls in the stroller, he was gone. I walked all the way to the other end of the mall, stood there for a little bit and then decided to walk back to the book store. And to my surprise, there was Max, sitting outside the book store. Phew! And of course, his phone was in the stroller so we had no way of communication. That was fun...not! After the mall, we decided to end our day with a nice dinner at The Olive Garden. I had a tasty grilled chicken salad and a pina colada (with rum!), Max had some potato soup, breadsticks, a chicken crepe thing and some lemonade alcoholic drink. Of course, Scarlett had mac n cheese. As she says, " My favorite mac n cheese!" :-) I wish we could have weekends like that all the time.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just beginning....

Today is day 1 of this blog. Thought I would set up one since Max is deploying soon. We won't be able to communicate as often so on days when he can just check his e-mail and such, he can also check the blog to see what's going on with us.
Less then a month till my dear husband leaves. We're going to miss him like crazy. But, it's a new adventure for him so I hope he enjoys every minute while he's there. Scarlett is going to be 3 years and 4 months when he gets back and Kailyn will be almost 10 months. Hopefully this will be the last deployment for a few years. He's hoping to go Counter Intel. It's going to be a lot of hard work an dedication on his part and mine. He's going to be gone a lot so I am going to have to be Mom and Dad for awhile. Not that I haven't already had to do that. It's been that way for almost 3 years now.
While he's away, I am going to focus on getting things ready around the house for his return. I want to pack up a lot of things we don't use. That way, when he gets back, the moving process will go a lot easier. Cross your finger that we get to go to Virgina. We have some great friends there and it's close to home. Plus, no more 115 degree summer days. I am ready to see snow. Listen to summer thunder storms. Feel warm rain on my skin. Living here is the desert has been an...experience but I am ready to move on....