Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's a breeze

Working out has been getting better with each passing day. After we went for the 3 mile walk on the PFT track on Monday, then on Tuesday I stayed home and walked around the housing area 2 times, 20 minutes each. Then did my 100 sit-ups and 40 squats. Yesterday we did the PFT track again. It went really good because we went at about 7:30 so it was dark half way through the walk. So nice! I have already lost a pound this week. At least 16 more pounds to go in 6 months. That should be easy enough. I hope I can do it.
Life has been pretty boring otherwise. Scarlett has been behaving like a little lady. I am surprised how well behaved she is being. Not that she is a bad kid but she can be a little sassy at times. Kailyn was good yesterday. Last night however, she didn't sleep very well. Went down at like 9pm, work at midnight, then at like 2:30am and then again at like 6am but I just put her in her swing in the frontroom and passed out on the couch. She slept in till almost 8am. Gave her a bath tonight so hopefully she will sleep well.
My Mom was so nice! She bought me some running shoes from tonight. They were only $15.99 on sale. All the other colors of that style are original priced but I think the color scheme I got is outta style or something. I think they are cute. They are powder blue, gray and white. They got really good reviews too. Hope they will be here by Monday or Tuesday next week. My other ones hurt my feet. I have a blister on my heel that busts open and bleeds through my sock when I walk. So, I took my two walks today in flip flops which isn't really a good idea. But, it keeps anything from rubbing on my blister.
I still haven't gotten a message back from my Dad. I wrote him like 2 weeks ago. I dunno if he is ever going to write me back. He probably didn't like what I had to say. But I was only being honest. And it felt really good to say what I needed to say. I love my Dad so I hope he writes me back.
Max should be getting internet in his room this weekend so I am hoping we can get on Skype and have a webcam "date" with him, the girls, and me. Scarlett misses her Daddy a lot. She tells me like 3 times a day that she misses him. I miss him too but I am def not whinning about it. I am really annoyed with the wives complaing about this deployment. Especially the ones that have kids. If you have kids, you HAVE to stay positive and upbeat for them. Can't be sad and stuff or else the kid(s) will be sad too.

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