Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's about that time...

Well, we have come to the last few weeks before deployment. I keep telling myself that everything is going to be alright. Max is going to come back, go to school for a few months and then we're going to PCS to hopefully somewhere on the East Coast. I am ready to leave CA. I wanna be somewhat closer to family. It tears me apart inside to know that Scarlett and Kailyn aren't getting the chance to grow up with our wonderful families. Plus, I miss my parents, brother, grandparents and close friends back home.
Since my last post a few things happened around here. Max's Mom came out for a visit. She was here June 22nd till the 26th. It's was a really nice visit. Scarlett had a blast showing her Grandma her room, her toys, how she can dance, how she can count, how she knows her colors, how she....well, she showed her Grandma a lot of things. :-) We went to Palm Springs to go shopping one of the days that she was here. She bought the girls some adorable outfits. I can't wait for the girls to be about to wear their clothes. Then the last day she was here, we went to Sea World. If anyone has the opportunity to see the Cirque de la Mer at the Sea World in San Diego, DO IT! It was amazing! We saw the Blue Horizons Dolphin Show which was amazing as well. It was in the high 60's when were where there so it was a nice and VERY dramatic change from what we're use to here. I felt so bad when we took Max's Mom to the airport and she had to say goodbye to Scarlett. Scarlett was crying so much. She just kept crying, " Grandma!" That lasted for about 5 minutes, which was in turn almost making me cry. :*( Other then that little visit, nothing much has been going on around here. Max's pre-deployment leave ended today. He should be home soon. All he had to do was check in. Tomorrow we have a Family Fun Day thing to attend for the whole battalion. I'm hoping we win something in the raffle. Scarlett should have a great time. Maybe she'll have so much fun that she'll be exhausted and sleep in on Saturday. Yeah, right! A mother can only hope.
Both girls are doing really great. Scarlett is learning so many new things that Max and I just can't believe it. Kailyn is finally sleeping in her crib. No more bassinet. I thought it was going to be a hard transition for me to put her in her crib but it wasn't. She's still in our room but out of our sight. She's already 3 months old! Scarlett will be 3 years old in September. WOW! I enjoy every moment of every day with them. They make their Momma and Daddy so proud.......

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