Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This past week

Well, the last time I updated the blog was last week Tuesday, which ended on a really crappy "note". After I updated the blog, I started making dinner. Half way through making dinner, Kailyn started crying and was acting like she was in pain. After about 30 minutes of crying and not being able to get her to stop, we took the girls into the ER. We waited for 3 hours in the waiting room. I couldn't put Kailyn down for even a minute. If I tried to sit and hold her or put her down, she would cry. So I had to walk up and down the halls of the hospital till they called us back. Scarlett was really sick too so the doctor wanted to check Scarlett out too. Kailyn ended up with just a viral infection and was given amoxicillian. Scarlett had a 103 temp. so the doctor gave her Tylenol and Ibuprofen to get here fever down. He ordered both girls to have chest x-rays. Kailyn's came back totally fine. Scarlett had a teeny tiny spot on her lung. Doctor said it was either a viral infection like Kailyn or it was a touch of pneumonia. He decided to treat it as pneumonia and gave her amoxicillian as well. While we were in the car after leaving the hospital, Kailyn threw up some water. I made Max take me back to the hospital so I could ask the doctor if that was ok. Of course he said she was going to be fine and told me things to look for and bring her back if she was feeling really sick.
It's been a week since all that happened. The girls are back to normal. They have 3 more days of antibiotics. Max's birthday was on Sunday so we went out to dinner. That was the 1st time the girls were out of the house since they were in the ER. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Max's birthday dinner. That was the only thing we did for Max's birthday since Max was feeling kind of sick that day as well. And because all our friends up and left us :-)
That's about as eventful as the past week has been. I am studying to take my last quiz for my Medical Terminology course before taking the final exam. I can not wait to get onto my Medical Biling Technology course and actually start doing medical filing work.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's been almost 2 years!

Wow! I forgot all about this blog. I realized I need to definitely change up the layout and brighten it up a bit. Not that I have much time for that but I am going to give it a try.

Well, goodness, where should I begin?? Since July 2010 a LOT has gone on! That deployment went by fast. He was gone from July 2010-January 2011. We waited to open Christmas gifts till he got home. Homecoming was awesome. Even though it was about 9pm and maybe 40 degrees outside, the excitement kept us warm.

(Maybe the best way to do this is to break things up by months, where something eventful happened)

February 2011: Went to Las Vegas for the Marine Corps ball. Had a really nice time. I ended up wearing this sexy red dress. Hope to wear that dress again some day. Nice friend of mine kept the girls overnight. Was my 1st night ever away from Kailyn. Kailyn learned how to walk this month!

March 2011: Max had a surgery done (here is a hint: we can't have kids anymore). He ended up having severe complications. I have never been so scared in my life! It took a few months but he is all better now. Kailyn also turned 1 on March 30th, 2011. We had a nice party for her at the house. Plenty of people came over to celebrate her special day. I made her cupcakes. Bakes the cupcakes, made my own homemade buttercream frosting, colored the frosting silver and pink, and then Max helped me decorate the cupcakes with piping bags. On the morning of the party, we were woken up by Scarlett throwing up. She had the flu so she had to spend the whole day in our bedroom. That morning I deep cleaned the house and sprayed Lysol throughout the whole house. Of course a few days later, on Kailyn's birthday, Kailyn woke up and was puking. Happy Birthday pumpkin. It took a few days but they both recovered quickly.

June 2011-July 2011: We made a surprise trip home to see our families. It was the first time everyone got to meet Kailyn. The drive there went great. Kids were enjoying themselves and nothing happened with the car. We spent 3 weeks on vacation and couldn't have had a better time. We definitely didn't want to leave. On the way back, Kailyn cried the whole drive. And of course once we pulled into the driveway, she was happy again. Stinker. Our godson Skylur Lane Chappell was born<3 Went down to Santa Monica Pier California in July. Was the girls and my 1st time ever seeing the ocean. Boy that water was cold and had too much seaweed but it was a really nice time.

September 2011: Scarlett turned 4. I made her a character pan cake. It was a ballerina bear cake. I made the buttercream frosting myself and piped out the design on the cake. What work! I find it much better to make their cakes instead of paying someone else to do it. It's a lot of work but hey, what else do I have to do? :-) Also that month, we went out to Arizona to see Nick, Tanya, Reyna and Skylur and to celebrate Reyna's 2nd birthday. Got to meet Sky for the first time. I love those kids! We had a really nice time and hated to say goodbye.

October 2011: Happy 5th Anniversary honey! Max and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by having a nice romantic dinner at a restaurant called The Falls down in Palm Springs, CA. Then we spent the night without the kids because a (now ex-friend) of mine babysat the girls for us. Of course the very next morning I got up at 6am and picked them up. I hate spending the night away from the girls. Also this month, Nick and the family came out to stay with us for about a week. It was awesome getting to spend time with the kids. Poor Reyna had a medical issue and had to be taken to the ER. Their visit was cut short due to that incident. Thankful she ended up being ok. But goodness was I worried about her. Halloween was awesome. We did some trick-or-treating with that ex-friend and her kids. Max was in the field so he couldn't be around the take the kids trick-or-treating.

November 2011: On November 4th, the girls and I flew to Wisconsin. Was Kailyn's 1st time on an airplane. Both girls were angels! They slept the whole time, since it was a redeye flight. Dan picked us up from the airport. The next day Jessica and Matt got married! <3 Was a beautiful wedding. Adam turned 21 on November 12th and then Adam and I cooked our first Thanksgiving dinner together November 24th. We cooked at his apartment. It was also my 27th birthday. LOVE when my birthday lands on Thanksgiving. Lots and lots went on that month since we were in WI/IL till January 2012.

December 2011: Max drove from California to Wisconsin to be with us for Christmas. He left on the 22rd and planned to make it to WI by the 23rd but he ran into some snowy weather in New Mexico and had to spend the night in NM. Thankfully he made it by Christmas Eve. The girls, my Mom, Dan, Adam, and me all went to Dan's Mom's house to celebrate Christmas Eve. While we were gone, Max went into my Mom and Dan's and took a nap. After Dan's Mom's house, our plan was for me to go into the apartment and put out the gifts and then go to church. Then when we got back from church, I was going to have Scarlett go into the bedroom and be surprised to see her Daddy there. The plan worked except for when we went to church, no one was there. It ended up being a wonderful evening. The next morning we got up and went to Max's parents house and celebrated Christmas. Spent the 25th-January1st in IL, went to grandma and grandpa's January 1st-3rd, and then the morning of the 4th, we started our drive back home to California. Made it back to CA on the 5th.

January 2012: January was a stressful month. We'd been waiting since May 2011 to find out if Max was going to be able to reenlist or not. Back in December he got denied to stay in but was told to submit his package again and see what happened. Nothing else really happened besides we got taxes and paid off our debt and spoiled ourselves a little bit. My niece Addison turned 1 this month. How fast that year went by!

March 2012: Wonderful things happened this month. Max was able to stay in! Oh my word! We were so nervous! But he's in for another 3 years. My brother came out to visit us from March 27th-April 3rd. I did NOT want him to leave and neither did the girls. It was awesome having him here. He helped me bake Kaliyn's cake (which I went WAY overboard with if I might say so myself). A few days later it was Kailyn's 2nd birthday. That morning she had her 2 year check-up (almost 29lbs which is in the 70's percentile for her age and then almost 34 inches tall which is also in the 70's percentile for her age). We opened gifts that morning and then had cake in the afternoon. That evening we went to the Bowladium to have a nice night out bowling. Kailyn played so hard and had so much cake, she passed out in my arms at the bowling alley. On the 31st I started taking Medical Billing courses online through Allied Business School. I have 6 months to get 3 courses done. Max bought me a MacBook Air laptop for school. :-)

April 2012: So far this month is going well. School is going really good. I started school 11 days ago and I am 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I have taken 3 quizzes and got really good grades on the (90%, 100%, 95%) Tonight I am going to study the rest of Chapter 4 and hopefully take the quiz tomorrow or the next day. I am REALLY going to try and do good with school. Last time I messed up bad. I can't fail this. Plus, I need to be able to have a job so that in 3 years when Max gets out, we have income coming in while he is looking for a new job.

This is my perfect family a year later, Easter April 8th, 2012