Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's start the countdown

This week has been a tough week. Monday our car decided to scare us and make us think it was broke. Turns out it was just the battery. Phew! Then later that morning, I realized our cat was missing. Sadly, we still have not found her. She must have gotten out sometime Sunday evening. I miss her dearly! Then today, Max left. Scarlett said we can't be sad, so, we are not going to be sad. I teared up a little bit but nothing like last time. Tonight Scarlett is gonna cuddle in bed with me. I just don't want to sleep alone.
The girls otherwise are doing great. Scarlett has discovered her love for dancing so she's been dancing every chance she gets. Kailyn found out today that she has feet. So, she's been playing with her feet and smiling. Those kids are amazing.
Well, nothing else really. Some family pictures we had taken before Max left.....

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