Monday, June 2, 2014

#GoPROFOOT Lifesaver!

Thank you Influenster for sending me these insoles for free in my #GoVoxBox, to review and give feedback on. I also received in the same #GoVoxBox, I also for the ProFoot Pedi-Rock.

Let me start by saying how very much I am in LOVE with these insoles. I was having MAJOR problems with leg cramps when I would go running or doing a fast paced walk. I could tell it was because I did not have enough support in my running shoes. I would have bought insoles but I was not sure as to which ones to get. I go running or walking up to 3 days a week. My leg cramps would get so bad after about 10 minutes. Really put a damper on my exercise routine.
Since getting these, NO leg cramps! I can do a 65 minute running/walking routine and not have to stop every 10 minutes to stretch out my leg to keep it from cramping. What an amazing feeling to know I can get my exercising done and not have to worry about cramps.

The other product I am going to review is the Pedi-Rock. I have only used it once but it worked very well. I had a little bit of dry skin on the side of my feet. I keep the pedi-rock in the shower so when I wash my feet, I can just grab the rock and scrub my foot for a minute. It's soft enough to feel comfortable in my hand but rough enough to get the dry skin off my feet.

#MullerQuaker is FAB!

Thanks to Influenster for sending me a free voucher to finally pick up one of these amazing yogurts! I use to see them in the grocery store but just never picked any up. Boy, I have been missing out! I love yogurt and I love fruit. These take BOTH of those and mix them together. But this isn't just any "fruit on the bottom" yogurts. These you are given the freedom to add how much or how little fruit you want to your yogurt. Super creamy and the fruit is delicious!
There are a few different kinds of yogurts. Not all are just fruit ones. Go to your local grocery store, Walmart, or Target and grab one (or a bunch) of these yogurts. You will not regret it!