Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just a quiet Saturday

Didn't do much today. Just hung out at home with the girls. Kailyn is teething (not popping teeth through the gums yet though) so she's been drooling soooo much and leaving Mommy some nasty 7 times a day! Thank God she isn't running a fever and she's not as crabby as teething babies usually are. She has been nawing on my fingers which starts to really hurt after awhile. Yesterday she also discovered she can now roll from her belly to her back. Now if I can just get her to go from back to belly...which I think is gonna happen soon. We were able to all lay down and take a nap. I think I only slept for about an hour but that was a great hour. Right when I woke up, Kailyn was hungry. After I fed her, I went to check the computer to see if Max was on. Well, go figure, he messaged me 10 minutes before I got on the computer. By the time I had gotten to the computer, he already was gone. Well, I know he made if safely so that is all that matters. I am hoping to hear from him as much as possible. There is a huge time difference so when it's daytime there, it is the middle of the night here. That should be interesting when he calls or we talk online. Either he is going to be waking me up from my beauty sleep or he is going to be staying up all night. And since Kailyn is starting to sleep almost through the night now, I shouldn't be so tired. Not that I care. Sleep is a lot less important during deployment. Tomorrow I need to clean the house. I should have done that Friday but I was just not in the mood. Gonna clean tomorrow morning. No more being lazy.
Yesterday we made a good attempt to watch the newest Shrek movie at the theater on base. I went with Ashley, McKenzie, Gunnar, and Bethany. Scarlett and Kailyn did really well. I was surprised. I think I will take them to the movies again soon. Scarlett said she had a great time and wants to go again. Too bad the Shrek movie sucked. The other Shrek movies were WAY better.
This week is gonna be a great week for TV shows. Degrassi is having Degrassi: The Boiling Point 6 week best episodes ever. That starts on Monday. Also on Monday is new R.J Berger. That show is awesome. Tuesday Teen Mom Season 2 starts. Super excited for that. I haven't watched last weekend's Army Wives and I don't think I am watching tomorrow's episode either. Just gonna DVR them and watch them next weekend. I always cry anyway so right now, I am sure I will ball my eyes out. And I don't want to do any crying. I managed to not cry since saying goodbye to Max the other day. Scarlett says we have to be happy, so, we are gonna be happy. :-)

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