Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweatin' to the oldies

The past two days have been just another day. Yesterday I FINALLY got around to cleaning the house. It wasn't that dirty but my OCD was telling me to get my butt into gear. After I cleaned the house, I was able to get a 2 hour nap in while the girls slept also. Kailyn's teething diaper "disasters" have pretty much gotten back to normal. She should be fully back to normal by tomorrow. Good because I was kinda freaked out. I was hoping she wasn't getting the flu or something. Anywho, the rest of the day yesterday I just spent with the kids. I haven't heard from Max since yesterday morning at like 12am. I miss talking to him but I know he is super busy. Love my baby! Hung around the house earlier today and then after dinner I went to Ashley's house to take a walk with her, Bethany, and the kids. We walked the 3 mile long PFT track. It was still over 100 degrees when we went, the wind was a little harsh and the sun was still up. Add all that, plus pushing a 31 pound kid, 12 pound baby, and carseat all in a double stroller. Yea, lots to push. This morning I did 50 sit-ups and 10 squats (it's gonna take me awhile to work my way up to more of those in one day) and then I just did another 35 sit-ups. I am going to do 100 sit-ups a day, squats as much in a day as I can, and then for now I am gonna do that 3 mile walk every other day till I can eventually do it every day. Or at least walk around here on the days I can't go to base. Next paycheck I am going to start a low-carb diet also. I would love to get to be 125 by the time Max gets home. I hope I can do it in 6 months. I can't work out too much because I can't take the kids to base so walking and sit-ups is gonna have to work for now. I wanna be sexy for my husband. He deserves to have a sexy wife. I want him to be proud to "show me off" to people like he was when we were 1st married. And I was 120 pounds. :-)
Anyway, that is pretty much it. I just took some Tylenol so my muscles don't freak out tomorrow morning and I am able to get out of bed. Hope Max comes online soon. If not, I understand. I am so sick of hearing people online complain about their husband being on this deployment. Gotta learn to stand alone before you can stand with someone else......

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