Monday, January 13, 2014

Sally Hansen Total Knock Out VoxBox

*Recieved these three Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes from Influenster (, as a complimentary "gift" to try out and review. I did not pay for these myself and I am not paid to write this review!*

Today I received, from Influenster, three different bottles of Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes in #470 Red My Lips, #510 Pat On the Black, and #540 Jaded. First off, let me just say, the packaging (as in the bottles) are wonderful! They are thick glass and have a wonderful handle on the brush. They are very simple looking, which I love. The brushes are wider bristled, which I enjoy (I know many other people do not care of that). For me it helps to get the polish up and around my cuticles, which are in terrible shaper currently. The color name and number are located on the top of the brush handle, in big font so the customer can read it without squinting or trying to see what exactly it says. The smell is….well, a nail polish smell. :-)

Onto the colors. They are beautiful! No glitter in the ones I received, which I like because I already have so many glitter polishes. It's winter and so I do not wear glitter polish at this time of the year. I find the colors to really be ones that can suit anyone of any age or skin color. I used #510 (Pat On the Black) on myself. It's a beautiful deep purple, almost black, color. I was able to just apply two coats with wonderful coverage. It dried quickly and left a luxurious shine. I just applied it tonight so I do not know how well it holds up, as far as using cleaning products and stuff. I will update in a few days and let you all know. I am a housewife, who cooks and cleans every day. That will be the true test :-) I used #540 (Jaded) on my youngest daughter, who is almost 4. She loves it! We shall see how it holds up on all the abuse to makes that polish sustain while on her nails :-) Then I used #470 (Red My Lips) on my oldest daughter, who is 6. She's sure to "abuse" her's while in school tomorrow. An update on how her's held up is soon to follow as well.

Overall, I am impressed. I am positive this polish will "hold it's own" in the next passing days. Beautiful colors, great quality for the price (retailing at around $6-$8, depending on where you go)

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*Sally Hansen Twitter: @sallyhansen
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