Sunday, May 25, 2014

Best VoxBox EVER! #GoVoxBox by Influenster!

I received this AMAZING #GoVoxBox from Influenster. I have received 4 Vox boxes since March of 2013 and I can honestly say this is the best on yet! 

The 1st item I would love to review is Playtex Sports Fresh Balance tampons (Playtex Sport and Gentle Glide) @Playtex_Sport / #PlayOn  I am not a tampon user so I was able to pass these along to a friend to give me feedback. She loves them! These are actually here brand of choice. The applicator is wonderful. No leaking so she has the confidence to wear them and keep up with her busy lifestyle. She has been using Playtex tampons for years so when these came out, she was so happy! You have a dedicated customer with these tampons.

My FAVORITE product from this whole VoxBox was the Vitamin Shoppe Fit N Full Protein Shake (The Vitamin Shoppe) @VitaminShoppe / #NextStep  First off, the shake is adorable! It comes in purple, which is my favorite color. Way to go on the color choice! :-) Now onto the shake itself. The first shake I tried was the Swiss Chocolate. I filled up my shaker bottle with water from my fridge to the 8oz line, poured the chocolate powder in, shook the bottle for about 30 seconds and started drinking the yummy goodness. With the chocolate shake, I got NO clumps and there was no chalky taste. It has a smooth texture and VERY creamy. I felt like I was drinking a chocolate shake from a restaurant. Healthy but it tasted like a dessert. It kept me full till lunch time, at which it was time to drink the French Vanilla Fit N Full shake. Same outcome at the chocolate shake. No clumps and no chalky taste. So creamy and yummy! That shake kept me full till 4 hours later, when it was dinner time. The very best thing for me is the fact that I was able to consume these shakes and my lactose intolerance was not affected. I can not consume any dairy without being in pain 4-6 hours later. I was nervous I was going to feel sick that evening. However, to my amazement, NO stomach pains! How fantastic! The next morning, I had the last pack, which was the Fit N Full Fresh Berries. That one was yummy in taste. However, for me, it clumped pretty bad. Not sure if it was because the water I used was REALLY cold and it just didn't mix well. I plan to grab one of the chocolate and one vanilla within the next week or so. I have been searching for a protein shake that tastes good and doesn't get me stomach issues due to my lactose intolerance. This is the shake for me!

Next I will discuss the Blue Diamond Blueberry flavored almonds (Blue Diamond Almonds) @BlueDiamond/ #GetYourGoodGoing. Um…where do I begin?!? Heaven! My youngest daughter shares my love of almonds. We normally just eat the original/plain almonds. We have NEVER tried flavored almonds. So, when these arrived, we were too excited. It was the 1st item we opened and just had to eat. I would say within 10 minutes, we had the whole little bag completely consumed. It left us craving more :-) I plan on buying more this weekend. They took care of the sweet tooth we had without making us feel guilty for consuming sweets and cheating on our healthy eating!

Two awesome items in the VoxBox was the Profoot Triad Orthodic & Profoot Pedi Rock (Profoot Care) @Profoot_Inc / #GoProFoot. I was really excited for the Profoot Triad Orthodic insoles. I am an amateur runner. I enjoy running on the treadmill as well as running on the pavement. One issue I have is about 10 minutes into my run (or even my walk) is my left leg cramps up. I normally can run for 5-10 minutes, stretch and then run of walk for another 10 minutes before stretching the cramps out again. These insoles are a miracle! No cramps in my left leg. It adds a wonderful arch, which is what I believe was giving me issues with the cramping. I wore them for the first time yesterday. They fit perfectly into my running shoes without feeling weird by my heels or bunching up by my toes. I wear a size 8 shoe and these fit my feet perfect. Today I went running and walking without any cramping. The other item by Profoot was the Pedi Rock. I have this item sitting on the ledge in my shower. When I am doing washing up, I grab the rock and scrub my heel and the sides of each foot for about a minute. My feet are so smooth! The rock fits so well in my hand. It's rough for my feet but not in my hand. It's comfortable to hold. What an awesome product! 

I do not get many time to spend alone, since I am a mother of two small children. One time I use for myself is bath/shower time. Even during that time, I do not get many minutes alone. So I like to use soothing products that take me to a happy place, even for a few minutes. Lavender and chamomile is my favorite scent combo. Always reminds me of when I go to the spa and get a facial. SO, when I opened my VoxBox and saw these Aqua Spa Bath Salts (Aqua Spa Bath) @AquaSpaBath /  #RelaxwithAquaSpa  I was excited because it was a product to use in the bath AND I was ecstatic because it was my favorite scent combo! I sometimes just go into the bathroom just to smell the bath salts and then go on doing what I was heading to the bathroom to do. I have only been able to use them once to take a quick bath. The scent is amazing and my skin felt SO soft afterwards. I can not wait to take a bath again soon!

The last product in my VoxBox was a coupon for a free Muller Yogurt product (Muller Quaker) @MullerQ@MullerQuaker. I can not consume yogurt but I did give the yogurt to my youngest child to try. She loved the Muller Corner Dark Chocolate & Cherry yogurt. Said it was VERY creamy and the fruit was amazing. Since she loved them so much, I am going to pick these up for the summer, since no school and I need healthy snacks for my kids to eat.

I will say again, this was so far my all time favorite VoxBox. These complimentary products from are ALL products I plan to buy in the future!!!

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