Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This past week

Well, the last time I updated the blog was last week Tuesday, which ended on a really crappy "note". After I updated the blog, I started making dinner. Half way through making dinner, Kailyn started crying and was acting like she was in pain. After about 30 minutes of crying and not being able to get her to stop, we took the girls into the ER. We waited for 3 hours in the waiting room. I couldn't put Kailyn down for even a minute. If I tried to sit and hold her or put her down, she would cry. So I had to walk up and down the halls of the hospital till they called us back. Scarlett was really sick too so the doctor wanted to check Scarlett out too. Kailyn ended up with just a viral infection and was given amoxicillian. Scarlett had a 103 temp. so the doctor gave her Tylenol and Ibuprofen to get here fever down. He ordered both girls to have chest x-rays. Kailyn's came back totally fine. Scarlett had a teeny tiny spot on her lung. Doctor said it was either a viral infection like Kailyn or it was a touch of pneumonia. He decided to treat it as pneumonia and gave her amoxicillian as well. While we were in the car after leaving the hospital, Kailyn threw up some water. I made Max take me back to the hospital so I could ask the doctor if that was ok. Of course he said she was going to be fine and told me things to look for and bring her back if she was feeling really sick.
It's been a week since all that happened. The girls are back to normal. They have 3 more days of antibiotics. Max's birthday was on Sunday so we went out to dinner. That was the 1st time the girls were out of the house since they were in the ER. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Max's birthday dinner. That was the only thing we did for Max's birthday since Max was feeling kind of sick that day as well. And because all our friends up and left us :-)
That's about as eventful as the past week has been. I am studying to take my last quiz for my Medical Terminology course before taking the final exam. I can not wait to get onto my Medical Biling Technology course and actually start doing medical filing work.

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